Friday, February 17, 2012

Hardwood Publishing - Who We Are

From weekly market reports to online buying systems, Hardwood Publishing has been the innovative leader since it was established in 1985. We were the first (and are still the only) to feature weekly articles, the first to publish kiln-dried prices, the first to report export prices (the Hardwood Review Global is now read in over 70 countries), the first to provide international trade data and analysis, and the first to offer eye-catching color advertising. Our tradition of innovative leadership continues…

While we are pleased to offer innovative leadership, being ‘first’ counts for very little in a market that demands the best. That’s why we’re proud to be known by the industry as the most accurate source of green and kiln-dried pricing information. Our published prices more accurately reflect true market conditions than any other source.
Our research and reporting are truly unbiased, favoring neither buyers nor sellers. We report changes in market conditions as we see them, independent of the impacts such changes may have on individual companies or sectors. You need an industry barometer that is responsive to changing market conditions. Leading companies in North America and throughout the world use the Hardwood Review Weekly and Hardwood Review Global to guide their decisions.
In order to ensure accuracy and impartiality, our researchers conduct phone interviews, fax and email surveys; review current purchase invoices; visit customers and attend industry meetings. Our in-depth surveys of buyers and sellers, close relationships with representatives throughout the industry, and keen understanding of external factors that impact business ensure that Hardwood Review Weekly and Hardwood Review Global prices reflect actual prices for the preceding week.
While accurate, our information services must also be valuable. What good is it to know the price of tea in China if you don’t buy any tea from China? That’s why we not only add new items to the pricing tables annually, we also remove items for which the volume of trade no longer warrants weekly monitoring.
As longtime readers well know, the Hardwood Review’s value goes beyond our price listings. Our weekly comments highlight important trends, and our thought-provoking editorials and feature articles address issues and challenges to help readers prepare for the future. Subscribers often tell us the editorials and feature articles alone are worth the subscription cost.
In the past, articles in the Hardwood Review Weekly have tackled such important and wide-ranging issues as global competition, world energy supply, free trade, illegal logging, health care, the Hispanic workforce, U.S.-Canadian trade, and the home remodeling industry. In-depth feature articles in the Hardwood Review Global have analyzed existing export markets like Europe, China and Mexico, and emerging markets such as India, the United Arab Emirates and Poland, as well as trends in hardwood lumber and product imports.
We also add non-price-related information wherever it can contribute to better decision-making. Exchange rates are now published in every issue of the Hardwood Review Weekly, for example, as are graphs of the most recently released economic indicators, like housing starts, flooring shipments and consumer confidence. Sure, this information is available on the web, but we’ve done the legwork for you, and we analyze what it means to you.
The four pages of import and export trade data published in every issue of the Hardwood Review Global are unmatched in any U.S. hardwood periodical. The raw data for these pages are also available freely on the Web, but we spend hours sifting, converting, sorting and analyzing the information so you can spend your time benefiting from the data, not manipulating it. We’ve developed exclusive formulas, for example, for combining raw flooring import data from different categories with different units of measure into an easy-to-read format.

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